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Here goes my occasional I’m-totally-alive-and-definitely-not-dead post. So yes, I’m totally alive and definitely not dead. This time around, I also want to talk about the plans for this blog. Yes, again. I know.

In the Beginning..

The original intention of this blog was to showcase of all the geeky stuff I find on the web. I am a hoarder of sorts and have a tendency to do such things. That plan lasted all but a few months as evidenced by the archives. It takes a lot more time than I am willing to give to posting images and linking things. I mean, why can’t I just enjoy it, save the link with a click of a button, and call it a day? This was basically what I did in the end, but that’s beside the point. The point is I found out that I didn’t have the time to maintain this site at the level I wanted it to be and to have a full-time job, eat, sleep, have a life, etc.. It did not help that the time I was supposed to dedicate to maintaining this blog was instead used to make and sell geeky/nerdy related things on Etsy.

Later, due to some WordPress snafu, my blog up and died on me. I did what I can to salvage the posts and had grandiose plans of redesigning the thing. It sat there all ugly-like for another year. And while all that was going on, I was still designing, making, and selling things on Etsy. I started listing things last fall in October 2011 (so says my Etsy bill) just to get rid of some experiments. I didn’t really start giving a shit about GeekModish as a brand until this past summer. This past holiday season, it did pretty darn well -at least more so than I was expecting to. As of this writing, I’ve passed my 100ths sale and am sitting pretty at sale #106.

I didn’t start this whole online/ecommerce thing from scratch. I do have some experience. I used to (still do, kind of) sell dollhouse and miniatures on Etsy and elsewhere. So when I decided to grow GeekModish as a brand to sell tangible goods, I had a base of experience to draw on – at least in the Etsy/StorEnvy/Ebay/Amazon/individual seller space.

Now I’m not blathering on about how awesome I am for no reason (because I’m not really that awesome, though I am quite fantastic). My general not-sucking at this selling online thing gave me and idea to put this blog to use: I’m just going to blog about running a micro/mini/side/part-time online business. Sure, I will have the occasional goofy-awesome compilation here and there, but the majority of the content will be all business-like. It’s probably going to be boring to most people who visit my blog (the whole three of you), but putting my experience on what works and what doesn’t work on paper was always something I wanted to do. So I’m just going to use this space that has been sitting around to make it useful.

Here’s to hoping that I stick to it!

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