Making Myself Useful

Here goes my occasional I’m-totally-alive-and-definitely-not-dead post. So yes, I’m totally alive and definitely not dead. This time around, I also want to talk about the plans for this blog. Yes, again. I know. In the Beginning.. The original intention of this blog was to showcase of all the geeky stuff I find on the web. […]

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I’m Still Alive

So I lost the direction of where I want to take this site and then got busy with life and stuff. I still want to pick up where I left off and try some new and exciting things with this site. I’m not sure what that is yet, but it’ll come eventually. Hoping to resume […]

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Staying On Topic

The blog’s name is Geek Modish with the tag line of “trendy things for geeky people.” Lots of the stuff I’ve been posting have been just geeky (but awesome). I’ve had some complaints that it’s not “modish” enough. So I want to promise you that I’ll be trying to make sure there is some modish-ness […]

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